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Holistic Counselling

Private, confidential support by post-graduate trained professionals

  • 1 h
  • 100 Australian dollars
  • 10 Mann Street, Margaret River

Service Description

At The Sanctuary, all of our counsellors are post-graduate trained, registered with recognized professional bodies and have specialized training in working with complex issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, as well as issues with self-esteem and relationships. By talking to one of our professional counsellors, you have the time, space, encouragement and support to explore and understand issues you are struggling with in a private and confidential setting. The advantage of talking to a counsellor rather than family or friends, is that a counsellor is trained to be non-judgemental and can view you and your issues without personal bias in a way that family and friends can’t. Counselling can help you to reduce stress, to find solutions to struggles you are dealing with and to feel happier, more fulfilled, secure and in control. It can also help you break free from old patterns of thinking and behaviour and to find new ways of thinking and behaving that help you feel better about yourself and to have healthier relationships with others. It can also help you to identify your goals and what is important to you, as well as having someone as a sounding board, who you can talk to about your fears, private issues and how you see the world.

Contact Details

0415 386 834

10 Mann Street, Margaret River WA, Australia

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